Golden Tips to Negotiate Debt Settlement – Read & Learn Right Now!

Many consumers who fall into deep financial destitution are not prepared to make some important sacrifices to get out of debt. They require debt settlement to get rid of tension full life. If you as a consumer come to the conclusion that trying to pay your payments off month by month will take to long and you need a faster solution, then that is when you need tips to negotiate debt settlement for your debts.

When negotiating, be cool, as your creditors can sense urgency. Try to find out if the statute of limitations has passed on your debt. It means that lenders or collection agencies have only a limited amount of time to collect a debt. If that time passes, then they can no longer make attempts to secure payment and you are no longer under any obligation to pay it.

The most important thing in tips to negotiate debt settlement is that you should negotiate about your total amount of money which you have to pay. Try to insist that you will not pay any late fees and penalties on the debt you owe. It is helpful in extracting the original debt amount.

The next tip in tips to negotiate debt settlement is negotiation about original debt. Negotiate in a way that it can reduce to as much as possible.

Going further in negotiation it is one of the important tips to negotiate debt settlement that you negotiate about your credit rating. Make it very clear that if they won’t negotiate with you on this part of the settlement, you will use the money you have to negotiate with another creditor, who will place a good mark on your credit report. Sometimes there is a lender who can refuse but mostly they try to reach on some agreement.

Remember always be cool and confident when negotiating, as your creditors can sense urgency. It will help you to get the lender to change your negative credit mark to a positive on your report.

Marketing With Presentations That Are Spectacular – 21 Ways to Boost Your Online Presence

Right away, many people see the powerful benefits of using spectacular presentations for online marketing and eLearning, but aren’t quite sure “how” one of these presentations can be used in their specific business.

There are an abundance of ways to use spectacular presentations; and for starters, we’d like to present this list of 21 ideas…

  1. Presentations Sounds fairly obvious, but yes… for making a presentation they work extremely well.An example would be a stage presentation or seminar that you’ve done in the past and want to use it to engage your new audience and have them experience your message. These presentations can be delivered robotically over and over again. So take your best presentation and make it spectacular.
  2. Course Previews Online and offline courses can be previewed in a spectacular presentation. Highlight what the course teaches, and peak the interest of the prospective student.
  3. 52 Week Coaching Automatic delivery of a weekly spectacular presentation can be used as an ongoing coaching tool.
  4. Converted Teleseminars Recorded teleseminars are perfect for being converted into spectacular Presentations. The “listener” will get more out of it through the added visuals and user control.
  5. Viral Marketing Do something different… do something that gets people buzzing… then put it online in a spectacular presentation. Peak their interest then demonstrate what your business has to offer.
  6. Prospecting Demonstrate to prospects what your business has to offer through the visuals of a spectacular presentation. This will create a more compelling and lasting impression in their minds than text or audio alone.
  7. Affiliate Marketing Create your marketing message once and all your affiliates can use it again and again; a powerful marketing tool for your affiliates to use.
  8. Traffic Generation From within a spectacular presentation, live links can redirect the viewer to a promotional or affiliate web site, a sales page, or any other site that the presenter desires.
  9. E-Coaching What better way to coach than to be able to visually demonstrate the methods and techniques spoken of within the coaching session.
  10. “How-To” Course Showing “how to” is extremely more effective than telling “how to”. A spectacular presentation is the show and tell of “how to” education.
  11. Quick Start Training Training can begin at any time. Whenever the student is ready, the training can be delivered instantly. Start now… learn now. For any new student, starting any NEW course the most asked question is “How or where do I start?” Give them that answer, make your courses easy to consume. You’ll get less refund requests, but more importantly you’ll get happier students who are engaged and using your courses.
  12. Expert Interview Having an expert interview delivered as a spectacular presentation is a great way for the audience to really “get to know” the expert. There’s the intimacy of hearing their voice, but even more intimacy with being able to put a face to that voice.
  13. Public Web Critiques The actual web page can be displayed with notes, pointers, callouts, etc. As well, sections of the web page can be isolated or enlarged to allow the reviewer to focus in on them. It is so much easier to be able to see what they are talking about rather than having to try and follow a description of what they are talking about.
  14. Affiliate Training What a great way to train affiliates. They all get trained the same way, see the exact same information, and then can use the same presentation in their affiliate campaign. Basically it is “Robotic training”.
  15. Inner Circle Training The Inner Circle is the “elite” clients of any business. The are your Evangelists. Give them something a little more special than simple audio training. Allow them more vivid and in-depth training with a spectacular presentation.
  16. Free Bonus Training With free bonuses, the value is dependent on what the client perceives it as. By adding visuals and graphics to audio training, the perceived value of the “free” training increases.
  17. New Client Introduction Introduce prospective new clients to your business. Introduce them to what you do, and how you can help them solve their problem. Also, you can state any requirements you may have for working with a new client and what their initial investment will be. This will save you and them a lot of time in getting to understand what’s involved in a business relationship with you. You can both see if there is a fit between you and them to create this new relationship.
  18. Tips and Tricks Save time for clients, employees, etc. by showing them tips and tricks. With a spectacular presentation, they will be able to actually see how it’s done, and you won’t have to be hovering over their shoulder to show them.
  19. Live Seminar Follow-up After you’ve made a presentation at a live seminar, and it’s been recorded, you can roll it out into a spectacular presentation. It gives you a product to sell… a kind of “remember this point” or “since you weren’t there” type of product. It’s a great tool for seminar follow-up or for people who couldn’t be there.
  20. Frequently Asked Questions People get a huge benefit from listening to others get answers to their questions. They find out things that they never thought of asking, or answers to questions that they had as well. Putting FAQ’s into a presentation enables people to get the benefit of listening to others questions, being able to see graphics that show them the answers and clicking on links that take them to solutions.
  21. Limited Only by Your Imagination The ideas of how to use a spectacular presentation are almost endless. Whatever you can imagine, you can create. A spectacular presentation is a great tool to use in your business for training, marketing, information and bonus gifts. These presentations can be delivered robotically, faster, better and with the least amount of human effort.

Hopefully these ideas have tweaked something in your mind on how you can use spectacular presentations in your business.

Keeping a Commercial Kitchen Cool on Hot Days: How Do You Do It?

One of the ways that Chefs and cooks keep cool in a hot kitchen is by wearing a uniform. These Chef coats, cook shirts, Chef pants and hats are made of special fabric which is heat and flame resistant, and is usually made from 100% cotton or cotton/polyester mixed fabrics and are highly breathable, and able to keep the wearer cool in a hot environment. Their design helps provide ventilation and air flow and helps them to be comfortable while working. Since working in a hot kitchen can generate sweat, the hats worn by these staff members, such as beanies and skull hats, are highly absorbent and will prevent any such contaminants from falling into the food they are preparing.

In addition to providing the kitchen staff with suitable clothing like breathable and comfortable Chef coats and Cook Shirts, what else can a restaurant or hotel owner do to keep a hot kitchen cool? Here are a few suggestions.

HVAC Units – HVAC units are heating, ventilation and air conditioning units which are installed in the restaurant and provides temperature control and ventilation even to the back of house areas such as the kitchen. Such systems which are efficiently and effectively installed by a professional, can even prevent dust and other contaminants from entering the restaurant from the outdoors, and also helps keep the food in the kitchen under the right required temperatures. These systems also prevent any food odors from travelling out of the kitchen and spreading around the restaurant.

Air curtains – Air curtains are ideal for those areas which have strong breezes such as restaurants close to the beach or those is cooler climates. They are automatically activated when a door is opened and the air flow works as a block between the door and kitchen, preventing any insects etc from entering inside, so that you can keep the doors open to let in the cool air and still prevent outside contaminants from entering your kitchen.

Screens – By installing screens it allows the restaurant to keep their doors open to let in the cool breeze in, while still preventing unnecessary pests and insects from entering the premises. When installing screens though it must be remembered that they must be made to fit snugly into the window or door frame and not leave any gaps around it, which will allow for insects and other pests to enter.

Exhaust Hoods – Good quality exhaust hoods can keep the kitchen very much cooler, by removing any heat and smoke from the inside. Many commercial kitchens install exhaust hoods for this purpose.

In addition to these areas which a restaurant owner or management can help with to keep the kitchen cool during hot days, kitchen staff have also found innovative ways in keeping cool in a hot kitchen. These are:

Constantly hydrating – Hydration is very important for those working in a hot environment and it is highly recommended that kitchen staff constantly drink sufficient amounts of water to keep their bodies from dehydrating under such conditions. Not drinking enough water can also make workers dizzy and faint, and hence it is important to stress the need for regular hydration among employees.

Walk-in freezers and coolers – Almost all commercial kitchens have walk-in coolers and freezers where they store the fresh meats, vegetables and other food items that should be kept under specific cool temperatures. One way that many kitchen staff keep cool on hot days is to visit the walk-in freezer or cooler often, and cool down a bit. Just remember not to get yourself locked inside though!

Other methods – Some kitchen staff even resort to more unique methods to keep cool, such as cooling a wet towel in the refrigerator and wrapping it round their necks. Others may roll up their sleeves, or the legs of their pants, or even resort to wearing very unique clothing for uniforms, such as shorts. Shorts and cook shirts or t’shirts have become very popular among kitchen staff who work in very hot climates and exotic locations.

Those working in the cooking industry certainly command a lot of respect and honor for their jobs, due to the long working hours they have to endure as well the harsh and sometimes quite difficult circumstances under which they carry out their jobs of providing exquisitely tasting food to their customers. These people hardly have time for their own meals during a busy work day, and simply make do with a quick salad or sandwich while working. So, the next time you come across a Chef or cook, give them an appreciative smile for the hard work they do, to give us an exceptional dining experience!